Day 23 – Python Stack Belt Exam

I took the belt exam on Wednesday of Python week 3. I was a bit nervous going in that there would be something I had never seen before and I would not be totally prepared for it. Or maybe I would screw up the deployment. I was actually right on both counts, lol. After starting the exam I quickly realized that I would need to Continue reading

Day 22 – Ready for the Belt Exam!

My code review with Fiaz went well today. I showed him the completed belt reviewer and dojo secrets assignments and he determined I’m plenty ready to take the belt exam tomorrow. I showed him some of my Swift code too and he seemed impressed that I had gotten as far as I did with only self teaching. He actually laughed out loud when I told him I Continue reading

My Developer Journey

My first taste of “programming,” if you could call it that, was way back in my freshman year of high school. I took an intro to web design class which was all about HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver, with maybe just a little sprinkling of JavaScript. In that class I learned the basics of website building and managed to build a few sites. Continue reading