Day 42.5 – TDD with Gems

Let’s talk about gems! What is a gem? Well, a gem is basically just a nicely packaged collection of code that can be easily plugged right into a Rails project to gain some functionality. Gems are great! Let’s look at some examples… Continue reading

Day 31 – First Day of Ruby

First impression: Ruby on Rails has a lot of convenient features and does a lot of stuff automatically, which great, but I’m glad I learned Python and Django first so that I know what’s going on behind the scenes. All in all I’m off to a good start! Continue reading

Day 19+20 Django-tastic

This post is a little late, but I’ve been doing well the past two days. Django all day, every day! On Thursday, I picked up more of the basics by porting a bunch of completed Flask assignments over to Django. Ninja Gold, Disappearing Ninjas, and Dojo Survey to name a few. Doing so gave me practice in correctly formatting regex patterns for Continue reading