Day 2-3 CSS Hell!

After the first day of basic HTML review, the next two days have been CSS assignment¬†after CSS assignment. Basically the way these assignments work is we’re given a screenshot of some website and we have to recreate that screenshot using only HTML and CSS. I say this is CSS hell because damn, CSS is tedious as! Continue reading

Day 1 – Orientation/HTML

The first day of the bootcamp was pretty exciting. I met all my cohort mates, we got the whole speech about how this is gonna be super intense and they have high expectations for us, and we got started on some HTML assignments. Continue reading

My Developer Journey

My first taste of “programming,” if you could call it that, was way back in my freshman year of high school. I took an intro to web design class which was all about HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver, with maybe just a little sprinkling of JavaScript. In that class I learned the basics of website building and managed to build a few sites. Continue reading