Ruby Project Week Recap

I’ve been failing pretty hard at keeping the blog up to date recently. Now that I’m just starting the MEAN stack I’ll try to keep at it again. Before I get into day 51 and beyond though, I wanted to do a quick recap of the last week and a half of the Ruby stack.

  • Day 44 – worked on a pair programming activity with a new partner for most of the day. It went pretty well and was a good review before the belt exam.
  • Day 45 – the day of the belt exam. Got a perfect 10, am now a double black belt. Afterwards, we had the project week kickoff and ended up having to do Zillow. I was not enthused because I wanted to do Evernote but whatever. Armando and I got a new group member, David, and drew up our models. I left early for the long memorial day weekend.
  • Weekend + Day 46 – I spent the long weekend in Michigan. I did basically nothing on the project (only put together the landing page with minimal CSS and jQuery) while Armando and David did some stuff. I was out of the loop for the most part. I did find out that David and Armando decided on the name “For-Closure” though.
  • Day 47 – The first day I started to really work on the project. There was some drama with David, apparently because it turned out he didn’t pass the belt exam after all, and he left the group. Luckily Armando made some good progress on Google maps while I was gone but for most of the backend we had to start over from square one.
  • Days 48-49 – Madly rushing to finish as much of the project as possible
    • Had to learn carrierwave to deal with images for listings
    • Wrote a lot more HTML and CSS/SCSS
    • Figured out how to make custom helper tags for rails templates in order to make the listing details page as quickly as possible
    • Ajaxified just about everything
    • Used lots of partials
    • Customized materialize modals and dropdowns
    • Pulled an all-nighter Thursday night, Armando did too.
  • Day 50 – Zombified from sleep deprivation, Armando and I made the final dash to finish up, polishing what we could before presentation time. I got multiple image uploads with carrierwave working, and Armando got search working, both as last minute fixes. The final product like looked pretty good, but we were still missing filters and some pages like user profile, owned listings and listing editing. Didn’t finish all the styling for what we had yet either. Meh, it was pretty good for a three and a half day project. When I get some time I’ll fill in the missing pieces. After presentations, we had the graduation ceremony for our senpais and all headed out to 25°, a bar near the Dojo. One of the graduating students’ mom came along and bought our entire first round of food and drinks! After some general merriment I went home to spend the weekend with my wife, whom I neglected far too much during the hectic project week. The MEAN stack section on the platform opened up at the end of the day, but I didn’t take a first peek until late Sunday afternoon.


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.18.58 PM

For-Closure’s main landing page. I tried to make it look as close to Zillow as possible.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.21.53 PM

Armando’s baby, the main maps/listings page. Also looks pretty close to Zillow, but unfortunately with an empty filter bar…


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