Day 43 – Refreshing AJAX

Day 43 was pretty chill at the Dojo. I’m writing this super late (already in project week), but I do remember that this was the day we had a refresher on AJAX. Instructor David did a lecture about the basics with quick mentions of the jQuery.get() and functions. Armando and I AJAX-ified the pants off of Doodle Drive last project week, so we were less in need of a refresher than most, but it was still pretty fun to get back to some front-end stuff after so much rails immersion. Instructor David had us get into groups and pair program up a little notepad app that would use AJAX to transform notes into text boxes and save before turning back to notes on loss of focus. It was my first time using the jQuery.blur() function, which is totally awesome. I still don’t get why it’s called blur though, lol.

Besides building our quick Notepad app, not much of note happened on Day 43. I spent some time messing around with SASS. Eventually I want to just write all my CSS through SASS, even for non-ruby projects. I did a tiny amount of research on how to best to use SASS in Django, but didn’t find any super convenient solutions right off the bat. If I can’t find some quick and easy fix for SASS in Django, maybe I’ll make my own python based .SCSS to .CSS compiler! I’m coming up with lots of ideas for future side projects, haha!

The first short post in a while is done… I’m catching up!


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