Day 28 – Python Project Week Day 3

Almost done with the MVP! There was some unforeseen complexity with moving multiple selections to the trash, so we still have that left to do. Moving files/folders around is also going to rely on multiple selection, so there’s that too. I stayed up late last night (writing this on Thursday morning) to make the big switch to Ajax for folder navigation, and in the process made sure that our row selection handler is applied with an elegant .on() binding. Now no matter how many times we replace the inner HTML of the table body, our click handler will still apply.

One big feature that we’re missing but isn’t exactly MVP is breadcrumbs. I still think they’re high enough priority that they should make it in to our final product for Friday’s presentation. The way Google Drive does it, you can click on parent folders to navigate back to them, or you can click on the current folder name to pull down the same dropdown menu that’s attached to the “new” button. I’m still not sure how we’re going to start on replicating the breadcrumbs themselves, but activating the same dropdown should be easy enough. I plan to look into Materialize’s breadcrumbs to see if they have an easy way of popping them in there.

I’m too excited about the project to focus on blog posts much now, so I’m going to keep this short. I’m hoping Armando and I can make the final push to finish the MVP today so that we can start implementing more cool secondary features!

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