Day 27 – Python Project Week Day 2

Another day, another chunk of Doodle Drive functionality complete. Armando and I made some great progress today on core MVP features. I wish I had taken a picture of our project whiteboard because our “Done” column is really filling out nicely. Instead of that, I just learned how to make screen capture gifs using GIPHY, so I’ll be periodically attaching gifs like the one on this post to demonstrate cool features.


jQuery magic on the Sign in page

Today was our first foray into the Materialize framework, and it’s coming in handy in numerous areas. I downloaded a bunch of Materialize icons and started building out Doodle Drive’s toolbars and menus. The account information menu is a customized materialize dropdown. It’s actually pretty frustrating to work with materialize sometimes because it messes around with colors and stuff when most of the time I don’t want it to. A good part of today was spent writing more specific CSS rules to override Materialize’s CSS and get back to how things were before importing it. There must be a better way around this, but the only other option I could think of so far would be to open up the downloaded materialize files and change stuff around manually, which seems like a huge pain. Anyways, Armando did some cool stuff with Materialize today too, like allowing images to be opened as a popup that darkens the background.

We figured out how to enable multiple selection of table rows today, thanks to an awesome Stack Overflow answer (by andyb). We had a little difficulty applying andyb’s code to our project, probably because it was outdated JavaScript, but Armando and I managed to walk through the problem together iteratively translate andyb’s solution into usable JavaScript and jQuery. It was a triumphant moment when we were finally able to shift+click and have all rows in between clicks get properly selected.  Now, the next step will be to allow users to move, delete, download, or share their multiple selection!

I’m feeling lazy today after playing with GIPHY for too long, so I’ll just flesh out this post with a Gist of the code we adapted from the Stack Overflow answer:

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