Day 26 – Python Project Week Day 1

Yesterday was the official start of project week. There’s only one other group working on a project besides me and Armando this time around. On Friday we had a Project Week vote again and everyone decided on Etsy for the target clone to create. So the other project week group is going to be building Etsy with the MEAN stack. Etsy is a nice site, but I’m glad that I started early and got to pick Google Drive instead. I’m betting that filling my resume with clone projects of sites I actually use will help me get a job at a company that makes stuff I’ll enjoy working on.

Doodle Drive is coming along nicely! Yesterday was a big login/registration day for me and I finished both systems by the end of the day, complete with jQuery functionality modeled after the real Google sign in/create account pages. Pretty much the only thing I left out was the phone number text verification, which definitely falls into the bells and whistles category and won’t be a priority at least until we finish the MVP. I’m pretty proud of the sign in page especially, since it even does the whole “enter email/phone first, then slide away to enter password” thing.

While I was working out the kinks with the login and registration, Armando was working on file uploads. I haven’t been paying too much attention on how/why it works yet (I’ll catch up on that later), but he’s managed to get files uploading for users, which are then stored in a media folder in the project directory. In addition to that, he got the table on the home page populated with the correct information about the files and started adding in jQuery for some of the many click handlers we’re going to need.

We’re doing our best to work at a lightning fast pace, so I predict we’ll be finished with the MVP by end of day Wednesday at the latest. For anyone interested in checking out the project as it progresses, you can see the GitHub repository here, and I’ve also linked to the commit history. Any comments/feedback will be much appreciated!

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