Day 22 – Ready for the Belt Exam!

My code review with Fiaz went well today. I showed him the completed belt reviewer and dojo secrets assignments and he determined I’m plenty ready to take the belt exam tomorrow. I showed him some of my Swift code too and he seemed impressed that I had gotten as far as I did with only self teaching. He actually laughed out loud when I told him I have an Anthropology degree. Fiaz also asked me if I had any musical background and when I elaborated he wasn’t surprised. Three grandparents were piano virtuosos, I started at an early age as well and then played bass in middle school/junior high orchestra, and went on to play guitar in some high school bands. Apparently, having a musical background correlates with a higher likelihood that you’ll have good coding ability, and judging from my experience thus far I appear to be one of such cases. I found a decent article about the topic here, if anyone’s interested.

After more morning algorithms about linked lists, which were cool but not really exciting enough to write about, I got a walkthrough on deployment from Instructor Fiaz. We used Amazon’s EC2 service to deploy on an ubuntu virtual machine. I still don’t know what exactly I did to make it all happen since the walkthrough mostly consisted of copy/pasting lines and lines of code, but I now have two sites running on the real internet using AWS! The first, dojo_secrets, from the walkthrough with Fiaz, and another practice deployment, belt_reviewer, that I executed on my own later. They’re the same two assignments I mentioned earlier, but if you want to see the functional sites instead of the github repositories, they’re linked here:

(You might have to zoom out for them to look nice. I realized after finishing my projects that I was doing all the styling at 60% zoom)

Btw, the login pages look pretty much the same because I reused a lot of HTML and CSS for both of them. And it’s not just HTML and CSS that’s been getting recycled. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of making use of my already written code whenever I can recently. The entire UserManager model class has been making an appearance with minor tweaks on every project I do that has users now, lol. Eventually I’ll organize my often-used code into nicely packed modules so that I can just import them instead of copy/pasting all over the place.

Anyways, I spent most of the day getting some extra practice at Django-y stuff and now I’m totally pumped for the belt exam tomorrow!

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