Day 21 – Belt Reviewer

I made it to the belt reviewer today! The objective is to make a fully featured book review site. Users can register, log in, view book reviews, view book pages, visit user profiles, and create new reviews. Supposedly, the belt exam for the python stack is easier than the belt reviewer, so if I can finish the belt reviewer satisfactorily, I should be able to take on the belt exam no problem. I got most of the assignment done today, I just have a couple routes left to include and a little styling to do. Instructor Fiaz is going to do a code review on my finished product tomorrow and he says depending on what my code looks like he might just have me take the belt exam on Wednesday to get it over with.

If I can manage to get my black belt on Wednesday that would be super awesome! I’d get an extra half week head start on project week! I don’t know if I’ll be able to really get started on the actual project week project I’ll be assigned, but I can at least start putting together some good code I know I’ll be able to re-use. I’m pretty pumped for these next few days.

As for what else was going on at Coding Dojo today, my cohort started learning a bit about linked lists. I think I got the concept pretty well, but I haven’t thought of a situation where I’d actually need to use one yet. I wrote a couple algorithms with linked lists using a predefined Node() function that Instructor Vanessa gave us.

  • function generate_link_list(max_val){
    var head = new Node(1);
    for (var x = 2; x <= max_val; x+=1){
    var curr_node = head;
    while( != null){
    curr_node =;
    } = new Node(x);
    return head
    function prepend_head(link_list, value){
    var head = new Node(value); = link_list;
    return head;
    function remove_node(link_list, loc){
    var curr_node = link_list;
    var count = 1;
    while (count < loc){
    curr_node =;
    count += 1;
    } =

Seeing as linked lists are basically just JSON, writing algorithms with them is pretty straightforward. Also, a new cohort started Web Fundamentals today! I peeked in the WebFun room and there were only four guys… must be the smallest cohort ever. Seems like none of the people that dropped from my cohort showed up again either. That’s pretty lame, but oh well. The intensity of a full time bootcamp isn’t for everyone, I guess.

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