Day 15, Weekend, 16 – Smashing The Wall

Okay so I’ve been neglecting my daily blog posts for the past couple days but I promise there’s a good reason for that. After getting my goal of smashing The Wall by the end of Tuesday (day 17), I went full speed ahead. On Friday (day 15), I connected MySQL workbench to MAMP and started running actual databases and SQL queries. I’ve decided MySQL sucks, by the way. I can’t get over the non-existence of inverse relationships. But whatever, I pretty much only have to set up a certain query in my apps once and then I’m done with SQL for the rest of that project, assuming I designed my tables well. I’ve been doing fine so far. By the end of day 15 I was getting started on the Flask + MySQL section. This past Saturday was actually the first time I came in to the Dojo on a weekend. I showed up at 11am and stayed until about 6-7ish working on all the Flask + MySQL assignments leading up to the wall (Friends, Email Validation, and Login + Registration). I managed to get about half an hour from finishing the Login + Registration assignment before my wife wanted me back home. I put in a couple more hours at home on Sunday to finish that up and get started on The Wall. I managed to re-use a lot of the code from the previous assignments, especially Login + Registration. I resumed the process of repurposing what I could of the server code and making the new the_wall.html file today at the Dojo.

I didn’t get a chance to work on my Wall until the afternoon today. In the morning, we had algorithms, this time about strings. I breezed through the basic stuff, splitting and joining and whatnot. Strings are my jam, especially after all my string finagling in my LogNotes app. Then instructor Vanessa found a good one to stump me for a bit. I was tasked to devise an algorithm that would convert an integer to roman numerals. Yeah, kind of a pain in the ass, lol. I got started on it, but algorithm time was up when I was about halfway through. I’ll finish it up tomorrow morning.

After algorithms instructor Fiaz gave a lecture about MySQL. Just a review for me since I’d already done all the MySQL stuff last Thursday/Friday. After lecture, however, we had a long pair programming activity. I got paired up with my buddy Erick and we had to work our way through, which is a nice resource for practicing SQL queries. Fiaz wanted to really drill the stuff in, so we were working on that from 11 to 2, with a lunch break in between, of course. After that, it was back to the wall for me.

I was totally focused on the wall for pretty much the rest of the day, and all the while sweating like a pig because it was so goddamn hot today all of a sudden. I was getting pretty into it because I’d heard that one of Chicago Coding Dojo’s previous triple black belt students finished the wall in 10 hours and I really wanted to beat that time. And hey, I kinda did. I’m not totally sure if that previous student’s 10 hour time included the time spent working on the login + registration assignment before the wall, but if it doesn’t I definitely beat it. After spending about two hours on the wall over the weekend and starting up again at 2pm today, I was done with the wall at about 5:30. That’s only five and a half hours! Booyah! Though, if I need to count the time spent on login + registration because of the reused code I think my time will bump right up to about ten hours, so maybe that’s what it really was supposed to be.

In any case, I smashed down The Wall an entire day early and now I have some extra time to spend on Django before the belt exam! Looking forward to it!

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