Day 12 – Getting deep in Flask 

Morning algorithms were pretty good today. Nothing too exciting, but it seems like most people in the cohort are starting to get the hang of algorithmic thinking a lot better now. Seeing my cohort mates going from never having never seen a chunk of code before to being able to effectively break down a problem and piece together the solution is inspiring. Everyone is working hard!

Today was the second day of Python fundamentals for the majority of the cohort, but I spent the whole day on Flask. I’m starting to understand how it works, and it’s pretty cool. So far, I’ve been able to set up a server on localhost that runs out of a file which basically consists of a bunch of available “routes” that correspond to different additions to the root url. Along with the file are two folders in the same directory, “static” and “templates.” Templates is where all my HTML lives, and static is where static files like CSS, JavaScript and image files go. Through form submissions on my HTML pages that direct to certain routes specified in the file, I can store data entered by the user in a persistent session store, which is then available for other pages to use. I’ve learned a lot today and it will still take a bit for me to digest it all, so I’m glad I’m still a couple days ahead of the rest of the cohort. By the time they catch up and come to me with their questions about Flask, hopefully I’ll be able to give some well-informed answers!

At the end of the day today the Dojo hosted an “Intro to Java” seminar for some outside meetup group. I attended, but I found the presentation to be kinda boring so I was working on my Flask stuff through most of that too. The speaker was just talking about OOP with Java syntax anyways, so I don’t think I missed much. There was a second speaker after the initial presentation that was more interesting though. He was a developer from a local company called HS2 and he had some good stories about his experience getting into the world of programming. He was super pro-Java of course and made a few good arguments for prioritizing picking it up, but I’m just gonna wait to check it out more until after the bootcamp. I do think doing some Android stuff at some point would be pretty cool.

Anyways, that was about it for me today. Flask, Flask and more Flask. I’m still not totally confident in my understanding of how it all works, but I think I’m going at a good pace. I’m looking forward to getting to Django and database stuff soon too! Tomorrow I’ll probably spend some more time finishing up Flask, but I’m also planning to drift around the room and answer as many of my cohort-mates’ Python fundamentals/OOP questions as I can.

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