Day 10 – Last Day of Web Fundamentals

It was pretty laid back today. A few students in our cohort were off taking the yellow belt again all morning, so the Web Fun room felt pretty empty. For the rest of us, it was just a catch-up/general exploration day. My group blazed through our daily algorithms, so instructor Mike had to come up with an extra one to keep us occupied. The one he gave us was ZipIt, which was another one I already solved in my pre-bootcamp work, and he banned me from writing on the board to slow us down a bit. After we conquered that sucker it was back to Game of Thrones for me. I just set up a host for my domain,, today so I’m going to start putting these little sites I’m building online for you readers to check out. I should have the Game of Thrones and Pokedex assignments up and running shortly!

(NOTE: I did manage to get these two links working, but after hosting the pokedex, I found out that the pokeapi has some pretty strict rules on usage that is preventing any of the images from loading. Oh well, if you still want to check it out to see what it looks like, you can download the project off of github here)

After finishing up Game of Thrones this morning, I explored around a bit on some of the extra optional assignments. I made the beginnings of a Pacman game, which I might flesh out later at some point. Setting up keydown handlers and collision detection and whatnot reminded me of my Python MOOC days! I also spent a little time checking out the optional material on wireframes, responsive web design, and jQuery UI. I can definitely see myself using jQuery UI for a bunch of sites in the future.

This afternoon was also the end of project week, so we all gathered around and watched all the project groups present their finished sites. Thanks to the voting session last friday, everyone really built dating apps like! I think my favorite was one a coding themed site called, lol. Getting to see how all the individual projects turned out was pretty cool. I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of site I’m going to have to build for my cohort’s first project week.

After project week presentations, the Dojo held a graduation ceremony for the cohort that had just finished their last stack. It was pretty informal, and it wasn’t like they were actually saying goodbye or anything because all the graduates are still going to come back on monday to start their residency and job search period. They did get some kind of certificate looking thing though, so there’s that.

Anyways, this weekend I’ll have my hands full with the last bits of optional Web Fun (CSS frameworks) and preparation for the first day of Python! Can’t wait to start building more cool stuff!

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