Day 8+9 – jQuery + APIs + AJAX

Day 8 really stepped up the difficulty with advanced jQuery. Well, now that I’m writing this the morning after day 9 it doesn’t seem like it was that hard, but yesterday was a bit of a struggle too. I can tell that I’ve reached the point where I’m definitely not coasting any more, and I’m excited about it.

On Wednesday I managed to make some decently complicated functionality with dynamic content. With jQuery I’m able to hook in to every part of my page and manipulate it. I learned the difference between $(document).on("click", ".class", function(){}) and $(".class").click(function(){}), which was important for getting dynamic content to listen to be interactive along with static content. I also learned how to access information on the page and use that information to influence the functionality of my jQuery functions.

On day 9 we had some pretty exciting assignments. I made a pokedex using the pokeapi! I learned that getting apps to work with APIs is basically an exercise in reading documentation. I ran into some issues getting evolution chains to appear for Pokemon in my pokedex due to how the API was structured and had to come up with some funky string slicing to work around it.

In addition to making a simple pokedex using the pokeapi, which is an open access API, we also had to figure out how to access a weather data API, which was not open access, in order to make a simple weather check app. Signing up for an account and getting an API key was simple enough, and it just took a little trial and error to figure out how to format requests so that responses would come in as expected.

There was another tech talk on day 9, this time the speaker was a self taught coder turned startup founder. She had a pretty informative presentation that detailed her and her co-founder’s process to getting their product well defined, and she also gave some insight into what the life of a startup founder is like in the beginning. When she gave her presentation to us, she said that she was just now about to begin her first round of funding. She mentioned something interesting about the difference between her and her co-founder’s coding styles. Since she was entirely self taught, she had a lot of patience when it came to figuring out how to solve various problems in her code because she never had anyone to help her when she was stuck. She just had to keep throwing herself at the problem until it was fixed. Her co-founder on the other hand, having graduated from a coding bootcamp, was not as patient and got frustrated easily because she had gotten used to having instructors or TA’s around to answer questions. Then again, the self taught founder was terrible at writing clean, well organized code while the bootcamp grad co-founder had that skill totally under control.

I think my self taught background is helping me a lot in terms of my patience and persistence, and I’m glad I’m getting the structure and support that the bootcamp is offering as well. Pretty pumped for the Game of Thrones assignment tomorrow!

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