Day 7 – Intro to jQuery

Today was all about practicing basic functions with jQuery. Hot damn, jQuery is awesome. Learning how to make interactive functionality with jQuery makes me feel like I can actually build a real website from scratch now. The way jQuery works is just so intuitive and the documentation is so awesome. Getting a hang of jQuery was a piece of cake thanks to my time spent futzing around with CSS since jQuery uses the same selectors. Plus any time I want to figure out how to do something new, a quick search in the documentation will give me the examples I need to figure it out. I can tell that jQuery really is a super valuable library. Hooray for DRY code!

Also, the Dojo had a guest speaker in today! It was this guy who had apparently graduated from a bootcamp after creating his own major (UX Design/Entrepreneurship) in university, and then gotten a job at Signal and transitioned into a DevOps position. He had a pretty interesting story and skill set, and he stressed that the key to being successful as a coder is to always keep learning new things and solving new problems. On a side note, I had no idea what DevOps even consisted of until someone asked and he explained it. Seems like DevOps engineers work primarily on making sure all the infrastructure of a company’s computers/apps/services/whatever keep working and work well. Another audience member asked what technologies he and Signal use and as he rattled off name after name my eyes started to glaze over. I still have so much to learn!

Anyways, I’m pretty pumped for advanced jQuery tomorrow!



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