Day 5 – Yellow Belt Exam

The yellow belt exam was pretty much the same as the assignments we’d been doing for the past few days. Get a picture of a website, recreate it with HTML and CSS. The only difference was that this one was timed. The website I had to recreate was just marginally more complex than the ones I’d been recreating previously. This was the first one that required me to use the position property, but only on a couple elements. All in all, I thought it was a piece of cake. I finished with about 40 minutes to spare and used the rest of the time to refactor my code while leisurely eating my lunch.

The period after the exam consisted of people stressing out up until it was time for the project week discussion.

My cohort had no idea what project week discussion was going to be about, and I guess that’s just how they do it for everyone. You just figure it out once it starts, lol. Basically, project week is the fourth week at the end of each stack. During this week, all the students that earned their black belts in the previous week are supposed to get together in groups and build a clone of some well-known website. They then show off their work in presentations at the end of the week. These project weeks are essentially where coding dojo students make their substantial resume material.

So, project week discussion turned out to be the time where all the students from every cohort get together and vote to figure out what clone everyone is going to make during project week. My cohort, which was still in Web Fundamentals, still got to vote even though we weren’t actually going to be participating in the project week itself. In fact, the website everyone ended up voting for was one that someone from my cohort suggested! Now all the other black belt earners in the other cohorts are going to be building, lol. I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

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