Day 4 – Finishing up CSS

Today was the last day of CSS assignments. I got in a bit late this morning because I lost track of time while working on my blog, oops! Luckily I got there just in time for morning algorithms. I realized after a couple days into the bootcamp that all those “pre-bootcamp algorithms” I wrote up over three days were actually not required pre-bootcamp material at all. Turns out those were the algorithms the instructors were planning to dish out to us gradually, one morning algorithm session at a time. So I guess I’m covered for the first few weeks.

Trying to explain how basic algorithms like array reverse work to my cohort-mates really made me aware of just how much of a difference my background in iOS development is making. I’ve been building apps using algorithms I had to come up with on the fly for months now. My version control notes app is packed with algorithms way more complicated than any I’ve seen in coding dojo so far, and I wrote that app before I even knew what an “algorithm” actually was. At some point, maybe after the bootcamp, I think I’ll put together a post or two about iOS dev self-teaching resources.

Anyways, after morning algorithms and plenty of discussion with cohort-mates, I finished up the last CSS assignment pretty quickly. For the rest of the day I was mostly working on the extra optional assignments and looking into more CSS properties I hadn’t used yet. By about the last hour, I was running out of CSS stuff to do, so I moved on to the JavaScript section of the learning platform early. To my surprise, it was pretty much the same stuff that was in the (optional) pre-bootcamp materials. Seeing as I know perfectly well what variables, for loops, etc. are I breezed through the first three chapters in under an hour.

Then, right before I had planned to head home for the day, I got to something NEW. The chapter I’m currently on is just beginning to introduce how to use JavaScript to manipulate the DOM. I didn’t even finish reading the first page of that section, but now I’m excited to finally learn something I know nothing about already. I’m pretty pumped for tomorrow. My plan is to ace the belt exam in under three hours and get crackin’ right away on some new Javascript projects!

BTW, If any of you readers are interested in how the CSS projects I’ve completed so far have been turning out, you can go take a gander at my GitHub! CSS projects should all be located in DojoAssignments/WebFundamentals/CSS/. My DojoAssignments repository is still pretty sparse, but I’ll keep adding stuff to it as I move through the bootcamp.

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