Day 2-3 CSS Hell!

After the first day of basic HTML review, the next two days have been CSS assignment after CSS assignment. Basically the way these assignments work is we’re given a screenshot of some website and we have to recreate that screenshot using only HTML and CSS. I say this is CSS hell because damn, CSS is tedious as! Once I get the HTML skeleton set up, that’s just done, and then the next hour or more consists of tweaking widths, display properties, padding and margins until the site looks like the picture.

After doing it for two days straight I suppose I can tell I’m pretty good at it. Seeing as I came in with no knowledge of CSS whatsoever other than the very basic stuff I learned previously in the short weekend workshop, I’m pretty satisfied with my progress. I feel kinda bad for the other students that are falling behind at this point though. Some people are finding it pretty tough to wrap their heads around parent-child-sibling relationships and the box model. I’m just looking forward to when we’re done with HTML and CSS so we can get to some real coding.

The yellow belt exam is on Friday. They say that if you fail you can get another chance next week, but I’m not worried. All it’s gonna be is the same thing we’ve been doing for these past two days: get a picture of a website, recreate that website with HTML and CSS. Though this time there’s a time limit of four hours. Sounds to me like it’s gonna be a piece of cake. Apparently our scores are going to be based on how faithfully we recreated the website as well as how dry our code is. That’s a nice little bit of knowledge I learned on day 2: DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself). To be a good developer, you need to write dry code. Otherwise, if you’re writing WET code, you’ll be Wasting Everyone’s Time. LOL!


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