Day 1 – Orientation/HTML

The first day of the bootcamp was pretty exciting. I met all my cohort mates, we got the whole speech about how this is gonna be super intense and they have high expectations for us, and we got started on some HTML assignments.

I actually attended Coding Dojo’s intro to web workshop two weeks before the bootcamp, and the first few assignments for HTML were pretty much the same as the assignments in the workshop, so I had a head start. Even at the workshop I was really only getting a refresher because once I started working with basics, I was able to remember what I learned back in high school pretty quickly. HTML is pretty straightforward after all.

I am pretty intrigued by the diversity of my cohort. Everyone here has a wildly different background, but they all have the same drive to learn how to code. We’ve got people with multiple degrees, backgrounds in law, psychology, music, you name it. A couple others have some limited coding experience but it seems like most do not. Working and learning together on the same projects among other people with different backgrounds and learning styles is probably one of the most valuable features of this bootcamp!


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